Adding Hanging Gear to a Painting

Click the image below for a charmingly imperfect video about how I finish off the back of my paintings. Or scroll past it and read the text explanation below.

When the painting is finally finished and it is fully varnished, all that is left to do is finish off the back of the artwork and add the hanging gear. The first thing I do is write the details on the back of the painting. I add the title, my name, the size, the medium (oops, which I totally forgot to mention in my video), I list that I completed an isolation coat and that I used Golden UV Varnish, I add where I got the inspiration for the painting and finally I include my inventory number (sourced from the tracking sheet I keep on my computer).

When placing the hanging gear on the back of the painting I always use D ring hangers on the larger paintings. That way when I have a public exhibition the D rings will be ready to go for those venues that use the cable system of hanging. I also recommend using a plastic coated wire, it is so much easier to use and it will save you some bloody fingers! I like to use Super Softstrand No.5
Scroll down for an image of how to attach the wire.


Stay tuned for the next video blog post where I will show you how I pack a painting for shipping!