Choose the image I will paint!

I picked out the triptych image choices for my grant project. Leave a comment below and help me choose which one I will paint!

1. Cathedral Grove forest - ok I know Cathedral Grove has been closed due to the Pandemic, but it is such an iconic spot to stop here in Central Vancouver Island, I just had to include it! This is an image I took awhile back, but I've been meaning to paint it for quite some time and I think it would be wonderful as a large scale triptych.

2. The Pulteney Point Lighthouse on Malcom Island - ok its not Central Vancouver island, but since I was recently taking so many trips up north island I felt this one needed to be included. Because really, who doesn't love the mysterious appeal of a lighthouse?!

3. San Josef Bay - once again, not Central Vancouver Island but North Island, but this location was suggested more than once so I figured I should include it. If you haven't yet seen San Josef Bay it is worth a visit. The trail in is pleasant, the beach is beautiful, and the rock formations are so unique.

4. Florencia Bay in Ucluelet - Yay, an one extra one! I didn't have time to get out there this month, but Florencia Bay is one of my favourite west coast beaches. I had such a great time painting "Origin" that I thought doing something similar on an even larger scale would be fantastic!  Er, minus the snow of course.

Now, I did go out and visit many of the other locations that everyone suggested to me, such as Englishman River Park, Campbell River lighthouse view, Madrona Point, Qualicum Beach, and Parksville Beach. However I unfortunately did not come home with an image that I thought was triptych worthy. So I hope you like the images above and I look forward to seeing what you think I should paint! 
The winning image will be announced on Sunday August 16th 2020 at 5pm.