Second Layer Completed on all the Panels!

Every panel now has two layers of paint on it! For the second layer on each panel I spent roughly 3.5 hours of work on each one. I call this second layer the "mashing paint around stage". Basically I followed my reference image to watch the colours and establish all the dark areas in the painting while adding texture. 

Above is the middle panel that I worked on while at my art residency at The Old School House Art Gallery in Qualicum Beach. (I paint there downstairs in Studio #3 every Wednesday from 11-3:00). Here you can see I skipped ahead a bit by already adding in the mid-tones to the trees in the middle of the panel.

In the above image I turned the whole triptych upside down so I could add a little more dimension to the sand. Having the painting upside down allowed me easier access to this area and allowed me to paint to the bottom. I needed to have all the panels together for the sand section so I could ensure I have the same tone, colour and flow throughout all the panels.

Above you can see I have now completed a second layer of paint on all of the panels! Next stage will involve going over every panel again and adding in more mid-tones, highlights and details.

Above is a before and after image to show you the difference between the first stage "Blocking-In" and the second stage "Mashing Paint Around". The triptych has come a long way so far and only has one major painting stage to go before we work on the final finishing touches.