The Painting is Finished!

The painting is finished! "Sojourn", 60x90 inches, acrylic on canvas, $9000. Available for purchase!

Painting inspired by San Josef Bay in Cape Scott Provincial Park. I've had the pleasure of visiting San Josef Bay twice. Due to its fairly remote location near the northern most end of Vancouver Island, I thought the title "Sojourn" to be an appropriate name. Defined as "a temporary stay", the title seemed fitting for this west coast location, a truly unique place to visit (and highly recommended) but not a location with any nearby permanent dwellings.

Below is the original photo reference image I was working from and you may notice I took a few artistic liberties and made some changes to the painting. I moved the rock sea stack over to fit only on the third panel. I thought the rock being split where it was to be too distracting and might aesthetically bother some people. I also chose to simplify the tree on the left side, to not have it look like a messy tangle of branches and greenery. On the right side of the painting I again simplified the trees and chose to prominently display the cute weather-beaten "lone tree" growing out of the top of the sea stack.

Below is a re-cap of all the stages of the painting process. Stage one "blocking in", stage two "mashing paint around" and finally stage three "adding in the details". 

This has been a very fun project and I've enjoyed sharing the whole process with you. But it is not over yet, there are still a few steps left to complete. I will let the painting rest for a few days to make sure it is completely dry, then I will do the finishing coats of isolation and uv varnish, show you the info I write on the back of my paintings, show you how to prep it for hanging, and finally how to pack a painting for shipping. So stay tuned for a few more triptych posts!