The winning image is...

And the winner is...


The results are in! The clear winner for the 60x90 inch triptych is #3, San Josef Bay!

This was such a fun process! I loved seeing your votes and reading your feedback. Thank you so much to everyone that participated.

Funny how things go sometimes. I had predicted that #1 and #2 would be the clear winners with #3 coming in last. Well, I was completely wrong! #2 came in last, then #1, then #4, and of course #3 won. Did I have a favourite in the group? Yes! Originally I really wanted to paint #1, that is the image that sparked this whole project. However as the process evolved I changed my mind and ended up casting my vote for #4. So who knows, maybe #4 will eventually one day become a painting too!

So now the real work begins! I will be breaking down my painting process and sharing all the steps on social media and here on my blog. Don't want to miss a single step? Subscribe to my blog today!