Time Lapse Painting Videos

The triptych grant project is now at a fast and furious pace. I under-estimated the time I would need to complete this project. I originally gave myself two months to complete this painting, however I forgot to factor in that those months were August and September! Two prime adventuring months, which means I am busy out exploring Vancouver Island and not sitting in my studio focusing on painting. Thus there may be some folks out there that will be a little disappointed that I didn't spend much time talking about the actual painting process. But never fear, I will continue to do videos of different paintings as time goes on and I promise to continue to give tips along the way. I've got big plans for the future so keep following along with me here and on Instagram and Facebook.

Here are two time lapse videos of me painting in the details sections of the trees and rocks (click on the image to view):

On all the green areas of this painting I started with the darkest tones first, mixing together Hookers Green with Van Dyke Brown to get a deep dark green. I then added on the mid-tone layer of the leaf detail using Chromium Oxide Green (my favourite naturally toned green paint). Finally as seen in the video above I added in the highlights of the greenery using mixtures of Chromium Oxide Green and/or Hookers Green mixed with yellow and white. Also adding in some touches of Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna for the browner leaves.

In the rock video above I am basically dabbing in a lot of paint to create detail and texture starting with my darks then moving to the mid-tones and finally to the highlights. The dark areas are a combination of Van Dyke Brown, Paynes Grey and Burnt Sienna. The mid-tones and highlights also include all of the same colours, but with Titanium White to lighten as needed.

So what are the next steps? My next blog posting will be to show you the finished painting, yay, so stay tuned!

But wait, it is not over there! After I finish the painting process I will show you how I do the final finishing touches: an isolation coat and uv varnish, what info I write on the back of the painting, how I prep it for hanging and finally how to pack a painting for shipping!